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How To Use?

  • To register self/organization as working on a VDC :

    To do this, simply fill the form on the right. All fields, except comment, are mandatory. To select a VDC all you need to do is click on the VDC area in the map. For hints of which VDC you are hovering the cursor over, check the top right section of the map as to move your cursor over the VDC area.

  • To check status for certain VDC :

    To do this, all you have to do is click the desired VDC area in the map. If you are not sure which area is the VDC you want, hovering the cursor over and check the top right section of the map as to move your cursor over the VDC area gives you name of the VDC you are hovering over. Once you click it related information of that VDC gets shown below the map. This includes information of the organizations and people who were registered to be working there on our system.

What is the Web App for?

With the increase in disaster relief action, we have come to realise that, unknowingly, many people are targeting to help same area and some areas are being overlooked. This could result in some areas getting more relief than needed and some not getting as much as they need. In order to help coordinate people/organizations in their campaigns we have provided this portal as a visual means of communication.

We are not starting a campaign ourselves as we are already involved in other campaigns. Any existing campaigns and/or new campaigns are encouraged to register so that its easier to maintain transparency.
Thank you for your support.

Disclaimer: The data collected is solely crowd sourced and is not, in any way, verified by NAXA. We encourage people to verify that the said campaign is taking place in the desired area before changing their plans. Also, we do not store and use any of the information that you provide for any personal gain. All information stored/displayed is ment for communication between users.